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An AR–filter is an effect on Instagram and Facebook. The AR filters are not only used for fun and entertainment. With the right strategy in place, and ambitious marketers behind it, AR can elevate the way your brand engages with your audiences and advertises your products. Colorful and vivid effects are sure to attract attention, will be easily remembered and get people talking about your brand.
However, with more and more new AR filters published each day, the audience tends to become picky. So starting tailored AR campaigns where you put your clients first, knowing their needs and providing them with something relevant is becoming a real challenge for brands and digital agencies. Because this is what adds value to an AR campaign.
And this is where you need professionals.
Why us?

AR filters of

any complexity

There are basic and complex filters. Both are perfectly great as long as they are high quality products and applied in the right place and for the right campaign. Based on the needs of your campaign we can create a nice looking, fine detailed AR-filter matching the brand’s style. Or we can also add an animation, 3D model, sounds or another effect to the filter. Or we can even design and develop a branded little gameplay to entertain your clients right in your Instagram.


and motivated team

of professionals

We are always eager to take on new projects of any size and complexity. Each customer of ours always gets personalized attention. We carefully study your company’s profile and activity, your brand style and the idea of the campaign, as only an intimate and nuanced knowledge of your customers would let us build a meaningful experience for them in our AR effects.


for any business


An AR campaign is a new strategy aimed at bringing a promotion of any brand to a new level, which in the end of the day is likely to boost sales. What we do is we develop the right concept for each case, design proper effects and get the filter to match the brand style.
We have carried out projects for various companies and campaigns. Some of our works are in the “Portfolio” section.
Our works

When McDonald’s were launching their McFlurry new season taste with an exotic fruit mix, we got a request for a fun AR effect in support of their campaign in Instagram.

Hypno tasty!

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Coca Cola
AR Runner
An AR Game for Coca-Cola Vanilla Summer Campaign. You need to control Billie Eilish to collect vanilla on your way, the more vanilla you hit, the brighter the city gets.
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The AR-effect promoted the new Honor Magic Watch 2 advertising new features of the smartwatch.
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This AR-effect for an Arctic oil company teleports you to an Arctic shelf with walruses and polar bears. You can see an oil platform, nuclear powered icebreakers and helicopters – all in your selfie.
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Italy pasta
The italian restaurant chain Italy Group not only offers you their delicious pasta but also an option to make an unusual selfie with our most realistic AR filter. A plate of pasta turns up on the screen in front of you. Once you round your lips, a strand jumps into your mouth and while you are shaking your head the noodle strand sways from side to side in a very natural way perfectly centered on your mouth till it gets sucked up.
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Dodo Pizza
An AR mini-game for a new advertising campaign of this Pizza brand. You can control the recognizable DODO character by opening your mouth. Once you do that, a random sound effect gets in. The random screams that end up on your selfie sound so funny that you want to try it again and again and then share your selfie with the screams and a score on it. That is how the filter spreads building up the brand awareness.
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